Shishkaberry (iMed)


Appearance/Consistency: Relatively small, dense and tightly packed buds. Medium THC crystal coverage. Light to dark green appearance with many red hairs throughout. “Popcorn buds”.

Smell/Taste:  Sweet smelling and skunk in the bag. When the buds are broken open a very sweet and berry like smell can be detected.



Body: This strain causes an airy feeling of lightness in the arms and legs, especially if consumed without food. Generally a light, but pleasant feeling of bodily sedation. Not specifically for body ailments.

 Mind: This is absolutely the defining characteristic of the Shiskaberry strain that keeps patients buying and re-purchasing this strain. Shishkaberry is excellent for stress and anxiety relief.  It is a very euphoric strain strain that tends to make the user relaxed and melts away the worries of the day. And beyond this, Shishkaberry seems to have a very positive effect on depression, as well.

 Overall:  This is an excellent strain for those with issues such as anxiety or depression. It feels like a 50/50 hybrid; it provides the calming and relaxation that users tend to associate with indicas, but does not produce the tiring and “couch-lock” effect.  Great for daytime use and perhaps one of the most euphoric strains of cannabis locally available.


– Anxiety
– Depression

– users who feel uncomfortable with a physical feeling of lightness/motion in the arms and legs

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