Test your High I.Q. – memory, vocabulary, reaction time and more!

Recent scientific studies have shown (to greatly summarize) while cannabis can impact short-term memory function and efficiency in tasks (while the user is high) this impairment greatly diminishes if the user is attempting to do something they have already done under the influence of cannabis many times before.

So there’s the hypothesis, now it’s YOUR turn to test it out! 

Try these fun little games that have carefully selected from the world wide (free) web to test how your brain functions, under the influence….


Record your scores while sober (try a few times to get an average) and record them medicated next! Are you a master of mental gymnastics, capable of complex calculations while cruising 10,000 feet above the rest? Or are you out to lunch after two tokes…find out!


“Wicked Recall” – this game will test your ability to recall shapes and patterns. Each round will add an extra shape and you have to click the shape that wasn’t there before. Sound easy? Wait until round 15.

“Concentration” Memory Game – Everyone knows this game; even if you haven’t played it since grade school. Rules are simple: flip over cards, aiming to match them up. Remember the ones you’ve flipped over (hint: develop patterns, like starting at the corners, then the left-most, etc). This is a good version, nice colours and an adjustable difficulty to limit how long you can see your previous selection.


“Simon” – Needs no description. It’s Simon. 


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