Master x Bubba Kush (YMD)

Master x Bubba Kush

Appearance/Consistency: Plump, medium-green sticky buds, thoroughly covered in white  trichomes, with few orange hairs. The bottom of the buds become deep purple as they attach to the main stem. Leaf and trichomes stick to the finger upon touch. Very well cured.

Smell/Taste:  This strain is very fragrant. The buds smell sweet and piney at first and once broken open they release a pungent sour and licorice-like aroma.



Body: effects are felt immediately across the eyelids and then strongly and lastingly in the arms and legs.  This strain has a very enduring somatic effect throughout the body; more so than any I’m familiar with. The numbing effect spreads to the face and eyes.

 Mind: This is definitely not a sativa dominant strain. A numbing, narcotic effect on the occurs on the mind that is not altogether different than the bodily effects. Not a booster of creativity, but a “mind-wipe”. I would imagine that this strain would be excellent for mid-afternoon yoga and a nap or de-stressing after a particularly anxious day. But careful, this is a potent strain of cannabis and you may find yourself gazing into space, switching between deep pondering and “trying to get to that thing you meant…”

 Overall: A reliably strong and narcotic strain, bred from a cross of two powerful indicas. Master x Bubba Kush delivers a sedating and physically numbing effect. This strain has considerable medicinal value  for pain and severe anxiety, but is best used in moderation due to its potency and absorbing effects.


– Anxiety
– Arthritis
– Glaucoma

– inexperienced users
– users who feel uncomfortable with a physical feeling of lightness/motion


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